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The guesthouse organizes unique natural beauty walks.

Unique experiences in nature-trails of Mani will fill your soul and mind with unique images and rejuvenate you

Route 1
Karavostasi - Monastery of Mani Spileotissa.

  • Distance: 3.200m
  • Duration: 1 hour  20 minutes
  • Difficulty: **

Starting from the courtyard of the hotel and crossing the canyon Mylolagkadou located just 300 meters away, visitors can taste the unspoiled nature in a natural path walked the first eight centuries ago by pirates of the season. After a journey of unbelievable natural beauty around one hour and twenty minutes no one comes in the peaceful and welcoming environment of the monastery Spileotissa that calms the soul.

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Monastery of Spileotissa - Canyon Mylolagkadou - Exit at the sea

Route 2
Karavostasi - Kelefa Castle - Monastery of Spileotissa - Karavostasi

  • Distance: 1.600m
  • Duration: 1 hour  30 minutes
  • Difficulty: ***

Starting from the well preserved cobbled Karavostasi of Kelefa leads visitors to the imposing castle that overlooks the bay of Itilo. From there descend the canyon of Mylolagkadou on other side a unique bridge that comes from the depths of time allows the walker to reach the Monastery of Spileotissa and from there drive to Route 1 leading to the beach of Karavostasi.

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Karavostasi - Kelefa Castle - Monastery of Spileotissa - Karavostasi

Route 3
Karavostasi - Kelefa - Prophet Elias

  • Distance: 15.000m
  • Duration: 3 hours και 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: *****

It is incredible the satisfaction of a look at the entire leg of Tainaro from the top of Prophet Elias, approximately 1000m from the surface of the sea. The opportunity to confront both the Laconia and Messinia bay makes you feel like king of the world.

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Karavostasi - Kelefa Castle - Prophet Elias

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