Traditional Castle Elixirion


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Discreet luxury and unparalleled hospitality, in a place where tradition meets the man with taste ......

We have filled your accomodation with the essence of our soul, our purpose is to present our unreserved respect to people, the environment and with what little little time there is left, to rest body and soul.

" Elixirion Castle " was built with love for beauty and people.

Luxury Guest House with bold architectural outdoors and historical symbols that unfold the meanings and historical culture of the region.

Just 10 meters from the crystal waters of the bay Itylos that enable visitors to enjoy the holidays along with the ceaseless song of the sea and the special sounds of shingles that come in contact with the crystal clear waters.

All the rooms have sea view balconies with great aesthetics and comfort.

Our purpose for you to collect something that is an elixir for quality residence and a body and soul uplift!

Welcome to our Castle

Dimitris & Maria

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